Meet The Goats

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MFL Mariah’s Marai aka Marai . Dam (Mom) to Peaches and Apple. She’s also known as The Earless Wonder! 

Batman – Nubian mix wether (Fixed male). Kid favorite! He’s been to the local school a couple of times. Kids just love him! (pictured with the oldest daughter Sarah)

Wagon Ho Farm Jean-Luc – Our ADGA Saanen herd sire . He’s dad to all kids of last years and this years kidds and is an amazing buck!

Butter – Grade Saanen doe. She’s also the face on our Facebook page! She’s mom to Lovey.

Hoopaughs Sweet Apple Pie aka Apple Marais doeling from 2019.. Joana and Honey in the background

Hoopaughs Peach me Sweet aka Peaches Marais doeling from 2019

Honey – Saanen/Oberhasli doe. She’s a barn favorite and produces a lot of milk! Mom to Blueberry.

TaMater- aka Mater tater – Lamancha buckling. He’s our future herd sire!

Hoopaughs Blueberry aka Blueberry Daughter to Honey from 2019 kidding

Rosie (Welch Mare) and Wyomie (APHA Gelding)
our farms sweet pony and horse. our daughters love taking Wyomie out for rides round the farm. Rosie is Wyomies sweet companion